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Monitoring Unit


“Our vision was to create a state-of-the-art facility that provides the highest level of epilepsy monitoring care in a luxurious, comfortable, and relaxing environment."

Ahmed H. Sadek, MD

Long Term Monitoring

The Orlando Epilepsy Center Monitoring Unit is a one-of-a-kind facility that provides extensive Epilepsy monitoring for diagnostic and pre-surgical evaluation in a relaxing, non-hospital setting.

From the latest monitoring equipment to the well-trained staff, the Orlando Epilepsy Center takes every step to ensure optimal care.

The Continuous Long-Term Video EEG recording happens over a period of three to five days in order to capture the clinical events in question and to localize the underlying seizure activity.

With a Certified Neurology Registered Nurse and an experienced technical on-site at all times, the Orlando Epilepsy Center Monitoring Unit can provide the highest monitoring safety to ensure gathering the proper seizure information without endangering the patient.

Patients stay in a hotel-like setting with a private bedroom and bathroom including modern furniture, storage space, TV with cable and internet access. Unlike in a hospital, our patients can leave their rooms in order to enjoy a common living room area and fully stocked kitchen. They can enjoy a comfortable atmosphere to spend time with visitors or other patients. Some favorite activities include playing board and video games, watching movies, and eating meals in the dining room. Theses meals are catered from different local restaurants provided by OEC at no additional cost to the patient for the duration of their stay.

Anyone who is having difficulty managing seizures could be a candidate for long-term video EEG monitoring. This type of study is done to obtain both a video recording and the EEG information in order to determine which type of seizure or seizures they are having. This can help a neurologist to better understand the treatment options as no two seizure disorders are alike.

When a patient is admitted into a monitoring unit, a highly skilled Registered Nurse, Technician, and Neurologist provide 24-hour medical supervision. This provides a safe environment in which to successfully see the patient during a seizure. The patient will stay in the unit anywhere from three to seven days. This amount of time varies depending on how long it takes the patient to have a seizure after being slowly taken off their medication over several days. When the time of a seizure arrives, the medical staff immediately helps the patient through it in the safest way possible and there is no need to fear having a seizure in our controlled environment. The patient will be stabilized on the original medication for 24 hours before leaving.

After the study is completed, the neurologist can combine both the video and the EEG during the moment of a seizure to gain the tools he needs to treat the individual properly.

If you are currently seeing a neurologist, he or she can order a long-term video EEG test to be performed at Orlando Epilepsy Center. If you think you may benefit from this test, let your doctor know. If you are not currently seeing a neurologist, click here to schedule an appointment with our fellowship trained Epileptologist today.


Our highly skilled Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Certified Neurology Registered Nurses, Technicians, and friendly staff ensure the highest standard of care and attend to your specialized needs.

Each of our Epilepsy Monitoring Unit team members are hand selected by Dr. Sadek and go through rigorous training to ensure the highest standard of care.

Either Dr. Sadek or one of our other providers closely supervises the patient's clinical care for the entire duration of the monitoring visit.

Our nurses are Certified Neurology Registered Nurses and we have at least one on-site at all times. Our certified technicians are all experienced in epilepsy monitoring and work cohesively with the nurses to ensure safety and the recording of vital information

Patient Experience

Patients stay in a hotel-like setting including personal bedroom and bathroom which provides a comfortable atmosphere to spend time with visitors or other patients in the common living areas including a kitchen where catered meals are provided.

At the Orlando Epilepsy Center, patients are given individual care in a hotel-like environment. Each patient is given a private room and bathroom with TV, cable, and internet access.

Meals are catered from local restaurants and the patients have the freedom to choose their meals to accommodate all dietary restrictions and tastes. Some of our recent patient favorites include 4Rivers, Olive Garden, and Peach Valley.

One of the greatest benefits to Orlando Epilepsy Center’s Monitoring Unit is that patients have the freedom to leave their rooms while still being monitored at the highest standard. Friends and family are welcome to join them in either their rooms or one of the common areas. They can play board games or the Wii in the living room; grab a snack in the kitchen; or eat catered meals at the dining table.

Our attentive staff is there to attend to your every need. If you have special requests or circumstances, we are happy to accommodate.