Get the care you need from the
convenience of your

As we continue to tackle the challenge of COVID-19, the Orlando Epilepsy Center is dedicated to continue providing you with the neurological care you deserve.

We understand you may need to talk with a doctor but don’t want to leave the comfort of your home. Orlando Epilepsy Center offers health care at your fingertips.
Our virtual visit (also known as telehealth) options connect you with a specialist from your phone, tablet, or computer so you can stay safe and healthy. With virtual care, you can:

· check on progress
· follow-up appointment
· hospital follow up
· second opinion
· view lab and test results
· ordering and interpretation of diagnostic testing
· medication management and prescribing

You can still see your neurology specialist with Orlando Epilepsy Center. With our new virtual care visit options, scheduling an appointment is as easy as contacting our office just like you always do, only you’ll indicate you would like the appointment to be via telehealth. After you submit your request for a virtual care visit, a medical assistant will contact you beforehand to ensure you have done any necessary labs, imaging, diagnostic testing, etc.


Telehealth is delivered using video-conferencing and/or audio communication using mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Once your appointment is scheduled:
• You will need to download the ‘Zoom’ app to your smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer
• Orlando Epilepsy Center will send you a link to ‘visit’ our virtual office
• Click the link several minutes before your appointment
• Be prepared to be on camera with your specialized clinician
• Have a reliable, stable, internet connection and/or smartphone
• Have any documentation and/or photos necessary ready